Microsoft Skips Windows 9, Heads Straight to Windows 10

Re/code: Microsoft on Tuesday gave its first detailed look at the next major update to Windows, which it has decided to call Windows 10. The software, expected to be released in final form next year, is designed to run across the broadest array of devices, with screens ranging from four inches to 80 inches, with some devices having no screens at all.

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fatstarr2416d ago

why isnt this the news of the day. straight windows 7x8

JamshiJack2416d ago

Currently am on Windows 7 and for some reason I didn't switch to Windows 8, now I think This is the OS I have been waiting for , I will switch to Windows 10...

aviator1892415d ago

I have to agree.
While I'm on windows 8 and have gotten used to it, there are many instances where I've missed using the start menu.
Windows 10 is looking pretty great so far.

TXIDarkAvenger2416d ago

Looks neat but I've adjusted to how W8 is and its not as bad as people say it is.

neoragex2416d ago

that's a bit weird, but anyways, I liked what I saw last night, will be getting this for my dell.

pompombrum2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Seeing as it goes good one, bad one and seeing how they've skipped Windows 9, does that mean Windows 10 is going to be another bad one?

KingPin2415d ago

not at all.
they just want all the odd numbers to be the bad ones going forward.

mcstorm2415d ago

Haha no as MS have not always used numbers anyway. People forget we had 98 the 98se then it was XP and Vista before they got back to Windows. Even before that we had 3.5 ect.

Windows 10 is Microsoft reaction to the business world. Microsoft know that its main sales are in business and seeing the amount of companys not moving from 7 to 8 they knew they needed a OS that is for 7 and 8 users.

I like the look of the new OS and I see it being a hit as it seems to bring the best of 7 and 8 with its own bits too. Really like the new 4 snap window and the look of the OS between touch and none touch.

aviator1892415d ago

Aw, man. That 4 snap window thing is going to be so useful for work.

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