Galaxy Note 4 suffering from #gapgate design flaw

Gadget Mill: Recently there was indeed a lot of fuss being made from the design flaw in the iPhone 6. This design flaw was dubbed #bendgate and was pretty much used as a marketing ploy by various companies. This includes Apple’s rival in the phone industry Samsung. However it now looks like Samsung may be suffering from a slight dose of ‘whatever goes around comes back around’.

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deadlydragon1212417d ago

I don't know what I'd rather have... a phone with an extensive gap or a phone that bends... Haha

FriedGoat2416d ago

It doesn't bend unless you carry it incorrectly.

deadlydragon1212416d ago

I understand that, but it is still a flaw to be honest.

masterfox2415d ago

lol you trying to justify it ? wuahahaha

ChrisW2416d ago

It takes 70lbs of pressure to bend the iPhone 6 and 90lbs to bend the iPhone 6+.

xTheMercenary_2416d ago

Only an idiot would complain over something small like this issue, but with the iphone 6 bending issues now thats worth complaining about.

fr0sty2416d ago

Oh my! Someone might slip a business card between my phone body and screen!

How that compares to a phone becoming permanently disfigured because it was carried in some hipster's tight pants pocket is beyond me.

There is no aesthetic damage done to the phone as a result of use. It just has a damn gap on the casing. Mountains out of mole hills.

Speed-Racer2416d ago

Wow, I am disappointed! /s

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The story is too old to be commented.