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HP to Release Stream Tablets and Laptop Featuring Windows 8

Hyper Focused Media's Carl Williams writes, "Microsoft has worked hard to get their Windows platform in the tablet market up to the level that the desktop version enjoys as far as market penetration. The problem that Microsoft is fighting against here is that other operating systems are far more entrenched in the tablet market than those in the desktop world. Part of this competition, something MS is not all too keen on having, is the cheap (to hardware manufacturer’s) Android from Google and the premium hardware from Apple. Microsoft has the Surface tablets to take on the threat from Apple but they have nothing in the same league as Android on the low end. HP is planning on fixing this challenge with their upcoming Stream Tablets which is being accompanied by an equally lower priced set of laptops to battle the Chromebook from Google."

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JamshiJack2307d ago

let the battle begin, bringing the price down for laptops and tablets.... good for consumers !

triverse2307d ago

I am interested in seeing how this works out for Microsoft and their product in the tablet market in particular. Their Windows Phone 8 is strongest, for them, in the sub $150 market where the only competition is pretty crappy Android phones.

I am planning on grabbing the 8 inch tablet when it is available. For the price, it is looking pretty nice and I am a fan of Windows 8 as we use it in our offices on our laptops (touch screen capable).