An Android tablet for $39 - Ematic HD 7

Ematic HD 7 for just $39 is a tablet for everyone! There is nothing to lose with this tablet for such a low price tag; therefore, go ahead and give it a try.

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umarsrao2311d ago

So, what do you guys think about this tablet?

DivineHand1252310d ago

Great specs for the price. This will definitely give those Chinese tablets a run for their money.

umarsrao2310d ago

Trust Me this doesn't even feel cheap. I just don't know, how the heck is it for $39.

Blasphemy2310d ago

Hmm this might be a good Christmas present for my nieces.

umarsrao2309d ago

Exactly, I bought a couple of these to give them away as presents!

fatstarr2309d ago

hmm i already have 6 tablets. might as well get a 7th

Gondee2308d ago

Besides lack of sensors and GPS, really good deal!