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AMD Explains 12 Reason; You should buy R9 285 Graphics Card

AMD recently in the world's major markets holding the corresponding celebrations. AMD on Yesterday released the R9 285 in India. The graphics, now promotional are focused on the Japanese market. While the conference in Japan AMD gives 12 reasons to buy this graphics card. In addition, AMD Japan executives also mentioned that they are still ready and they will give the tough competition to the recently released Bad boy from NVIDIA GTX 980.

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KingPin2303d ago

i only need 3

1) A
2) M
3) D

Genova842302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Meh. I'd likely grab a strix gtx 970 before this one.

fatstarr2302d ago

shiii they almost got me, but then I remembered GTX 970 lmao.

R6ex2296d ago

AMD, where's your R9 390X ?