Windows 9 to be free for Windows 8 users?

Windows 9 would be free for Windows 8 users, Microsoft Indonesia President Andreas Diantoro reportedly said during a recent event, which comes as a confirmation that the company is working to boost early uptake of the new OS as much as possible from the very beginning.

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Revvin2550d ago

I'd be amazed if it was. I have Windows 8 but went back to 7 as 8 just felt a little half baked but if Microsoft follow form of releasing a good OS every other release then 9 should take the best of 7 and 8 and be worth a look.

UltraNova2550d ago

I thought windows 7 owners would upgrade for free???

MEsoJD2550d ago

XP Good

Vista Bad

Windows 7 Good

Windows 8 Bad

Windows 9 Good?

2550d ago
JamshiJack2550d ago

8 wasn't bad but needed some tweaking and Windows 9 will fix the shortcoming Windows 8 had, like lack of floating Window for Metro Apps and fully functional start button on Desktop and some new features like virtual desktop and dedicated notification tray, I think Windows 9 is going to be the best one on the Windows series that will offer a seamless experience of both Metro and Desktop features regardless of devices, touch or non-touch...

annoyedgamer2550d ago

I don't want to "fix" any of W8 metro garbage. I want it gone. If Microsoft want to release a gimped metro W9 for tablets then they are free to do that but I refuse to deal with what looks like Windows 98 programs on a modern interface.

AliTheSnake12549d ago

I've been using Vista for my laptop for 4 years. I still don't see where the bad is.