Samsung devices are now banned from use by Chinese officials

Several months ago, the Chinese government prohibited all state agencies from using any Apple products. The fear was that Apple hardware was being used by the Western world to find state secrets in China. Apple, has of course, denied these claims multiple times. One specific reason for this fear from China stems from the NSA being caught spying on Huawei, one of the largest local smartphone manufacturers.

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Settler2305d ago

So its against Samsung, not Android :D

turab2303d ago

good job China let their phones rot.

Soulscare2303d ago

...You realise that phones are inanimate objects don't you?

annoyedgamer2302d ago

Only phone rotting, or bending rather is the ipone 4.6

ironfist922302d ago

Thats ironic...considering iPhones and Samsung phones are made in china...

Theyre quick to make money, but when it comes to using the product, thats where you cross the line.

I'll never understand China...

neoragex2300d ago

I'm sure they din't want to use those shitty phones anyway.