Apple still using 13 year old Windows XP in its iPhone 6 testing labs, must be waiting for Windows 9

There’s been a lot of drama about the iPhone 6 and the bending issues, with many people allegedly reporting that their iPhone bends easily, even bending in circumstances when their iPhone was in their side pockets.

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Devil-X2312d ago

must be feeling nostalgic :P

jguzmanr812312d ago

I think the techs in that lab play Solitaire during lunch :) That may explain all the bendin'

plmkoh2312d ago

Has to do with 32bit driver support that they've coded for their machines.

DragoonsScaleLegends2312d ago

Actually I think lot's of schools, businesses, and governments still use windows xp. No reason to upgrade if it doesn't benefit them at all. Most of these business have custom made software that works for what they need it to do. I noticed my high school were upgrading to windows 7 back when I was there a few years ago but they had such weak computers(even though they were new computers) that windows 7 was putting the hurt on them and you would have more applications error out and become unresponsive. They were worse than the older XP computers.