Asus ROG Introduces G551 and G771 Gaming Laptops

Maximum PC: Asus has been winning over gamers with its Republic of Gamers (ROG) line of laptops, some of which sport aggressive designs. Others, like the new Asus G551 and G771 gaming laptops, feature a more traditional aesthetic with an emphasis on quiet cooling -- Asus describes the scheme as an "almost-silent cooling system" that efficiently removes heat with minimal fan noise.

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neoragex2304d ago

The Thinkpad W series if they upgrade to the latest workstation GPU would be a contender for a gaming laptop. However if they don't hit the high end of the Quadro K series It's probably time for me to give up on them and try something like one of these.

Sahil2304d ago

That touchpad killed it for me. I need buttons!!

neoragex2304d ago

meh... not much of an improvement to my laptop (ASUS G750JM) other than RAM and SSD option. the 860M is perhaps the same as mine, unless it has 4GB GDDR5 VRAM. Are there no info on the CPU yet?

neoragex2304d ago

I don't travel for weeks at a time but when I do for a couple of days I take my dell xps1530 which really isn't fall into the gaming laptop category but it does have discrete video card and supports most of my games in low and medium settings. The laptop is 6 years old and while I have cleaned it regularly and done my best to prolong the life by changing the thermal paste and fan along with the thermal pads just to extend the life. I will be buying a gaming laptop just waiting since the new nvidia 980 and 970 have come out I am hoping the next gen mobile chips will be as much of a step forward in both thermals and performance. Forget waiting to get home to game when there are several viable options Origins EON-S is on my wish list but Razor's Blade Gigabyte and Asus all have some solid offerings.

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