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Early iPhone 6 Plus Owners Get Bent Out of Shape Over Warping Issue

Maximum PC: Some of Apple's iPhone launches have been marred by controversial design flaws, such as the iPhone 4's antenna issue in which Steve Jobs accused owners of holding their handsets the wrong way, and the iPhone 5's tendency to ruin photos with a purple flare when there's a bright light source (a side effect of the sapphire glass covering the phone's camera). Well, you can add the iPhone 6 Plus to the list -- some users are complaining that their ultra-thin iPhone 6 Plus phones are bending out of shape just by having the handsets in their pockets.

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ironfist922305d ago

Everytime you buy an iPhone, god kills an iPhone.

neoragex2299d ago

Actually, if the truth be known. The consumer reports test is faulty because it applies a single point of pressure to the middle of the phone where it is strongest. Other tests that apply three or four points of pressure closer to the buttons have bent the phone with considerably less force. Furthermore, according to the Consumer Reports test, it takes more than twice the pressure to bend the Note 3 than it does to bend the iPhone 6.

Sahil2299d ago

It takes less than a pound of pressure to puncture the human skin. While it is possible to exert that much pressure with your legs (which is a leg press mind you, and is downward force from extending, I know few people able to do a 300lb curl, which is the most likely position when you're sitting down causing that pressure,) my argument is that you're going to be annoyed by the object in your pocket digging into your flesh regardless. Since the human skin is a pliable material with relatively straight structural supports inside, how do you explain multiple points of pressure in a pants pocket? Unless you have many other objects in your pocket with the phone, in which case you're an idiot who deserves a broken phone anyway, the stress will be applied at the ends of the device and at one point where the opposite force is applied.

neoragex2299d ago

What are you implying? It still bent. And at the lowest force versus older models.

The guy from the OV on YT went on to bend a bunch more phones and Apple+ still was the easiest to bend. So again what are you implying?

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