Google Play will soon display in-app purchase prices before downloading

It seems adding a notice about in-app purchases for apps that have them isn’t enough — Google’s looking to give you even more information about in-app purchase prices before you download it. The company has recently confirmed via the Google Play developers’ back end that an upcoming update to Google Play will show price ranges for games and apps with in-app purchases. The change will go into effect starting September 30th, according to Google.

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Settler2313d ago

That will be a great help for users :D

RivetingStuff2311d ago

Not really sure how they will fit all that info into the app store

neoragex2306d ago

I want a setting on my profile to "never" show me apps with in-app purchases. I don't care about the money part so much as I care about fair competition. How do I know I really advanced past Tom if he can pay for advancement?

Those games just plain suck.

Sahil2306d ago

Not everybody cares what Tom is doing.

neoragex2306d ago

True, and that is why you don't have to use the Google Play Games app.

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