New Android phones to have data encryption enabled by default

Back in 2011, Google started to slowly roll out the option to encrypt data on some Android devices, but this setting was never enabled by default. To this day, many users still don’t know about its existence. That’s about the change as Google ups the ante by enabled data encryption during the setup process on devices being released with Android L.

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iliimaster2310d ago

mannn nsa n google are married = pointless

Agent_hitman2310d ago

So does that mean that Android L will no longer be rootable?..

Speed-Racer2310d ago

Why would you think that?

ITPython2309d ago

Only problem is that the encryption does take a hit on the phones performance, and you can't undo the encryption or turn it off. Only way is to completely wipe and reflash the phone with a non-encrypted ROM.