Japan's Sony widens its full year loss forecast by $1.7bn

BBC News: Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has said it expects to record much bigger losses because of its struggling mobile business.

For the full year to March 2015, Sony now expects a full year loss of 230bn yen ($2.15bn; £1.3bn) compared with a previous estimate of 50bn yen.

The firm has cut forecasts for sales in its smartphone business as it faces competition from Apple and Samsung.

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I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

The z3 is the best phone this year only phone that rivals it is the LG G3 and the only plus is the 1440p 5.5in IPS screen which causes overheating. Also the G3 isn't water or dust proof and the camera is not as good. If the z3 had a 1440p screen it'd be perfect. Can't believe Apple actually thinks they can compete with the z3 or the G3, dual core @1.40ghz vs quad core @2.5ghz with potential to oc. 1gb ram vs 3gb ram 8mp camera vs 20.7/13mp no NFC charging vs NFC charging also got iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 it's a joke such a minimal amount of change, sad really. Can't wait until I get to upgrade to android and get rid of this iPhone 5 piece of garbage. Only nice thing about the iPhone 6 is the look to bad that specs are from 2012 200 dollar android. Such a overpriced polished turd. Can't believe Apple is still getting away with releasing dual cores every gen with .2mhz upgrades and the same amount of ram and camera's with small crappy batteries while androids are all pushing the specs every iteration and battling it out with eachother. More ram faster quad cores more mega pixels fancy dual flashes 2k screens, bigger batteries that run quad cores at way faster speeds longer than apples dual cores. NFc charging competitive pricing competitive specs. Any one that buys an iPhone 6 plus knowing all the above is wasteful with money and clearly clinically proven mentally challenged. See easily to find 2014 iphone 6 vs 2012 nexus 4 lol also I didn't even mention the fact the iPhone 6 is so rediculously overpriced for what's inside it 1gb of ram wtf ?? 1.40ghz dual core ?? 8 mp camera ?? Sch a joke cannot believe how many people aren't crapping all over Apple right now.

Vames2323d ago

Dude calm down, you have been tricked to think like a mad man lol.

Not every smartphone requires a quad core processor and 2 or 3GB of RAM. Windows Phone and iOS are efficient operating systems, which means performance will be great on just 1GB of RAM and a dual core processor. If a smartphone performs at optimal with 1GB RAM and a dual core processor, why bump the specs?

Furthermore, an 8MP camera is more than enough. Apple's 8MP cameras have always been competitive, and in many situations, take better images when compared to smartphones with higher MPs.

People like you play the number game so much to the point where good sense and understanding fail to prevail. Big numbers dude, doesn't always mean better product.

ashcroft2323d ago

The reason why android smartphones are 2 or 3GB of ram is because it's technology is far advanced.

I'll give you an example... The Newest top end smartphones have 2k resolution screens at 5.5+ inches. The Quad core is needed to keep everything efficient and smooth. The ram is to hold to stabilize the framerate and offer more in terms of multi-tasking.

Furthermore, Android is open source which means it can be optimized however you see fit. Is a background service that you don't like that is running and that isn't essential but takes up some space or is a battery hog? Turn it off or remove it completely.

iOS? Stick with it, wait for an update and hope it works out or wait 6 months for a revised phone which you already paid a premium for your 6 month old phone.

1GB of ram is nothing, even if it is super optimized. They're basically saying their vast majority are technologically illiterate to care that they are getting ripped off or that they don't multitask as much because it's either games from the app store or instagram.

The other reason why Android phones come equipped with that much horsepower is because people use the smart ability of the phone to it's potential.

The iPhone is a toy, they are even marketing it that way. Android is basically for business minded people and tech geeks who love to get the most out of it.

There's a reason why the word jailbreak exists in the iphone world. Because you're stuck with what they tell you to do with the phone that you bought. So you need a hack to do the things you can normally do on any other phone.

It's sad, yet people buy into Apple's crap because their marketing is second to none. Remember how Apple used to bash PC's until Microsoft finally decided to take jabs at them and they stopped?

Spreading lies and misinformation is Apple's game. The number of things iOS8 has ripped off from windows mobile, blackberry and android is evident and laughable Of course Apple's core fanbase are too busy in line to notice or care.

The same people who blame PC's when something goes bad because they are unable to maintain it.

Are you familiar with the term PEKBAK?

Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Dude I own I iphone its garbage doesnt even make a day on moderate use and it has a slow 1.2 dual core processor. And lags all the time this is my 4th replacement. Every major iOS update adds more multi tasking and android features which then exposes iPhones crap hardware. Apps always close for no reason so many safari bugs and wifi/cell reception problems androids always have good wifi cell reception when I dont.

You'd have to have you're head up you're ass if you think iphone runs smoothly with the hardware it comes with. Don't tell me it's okay if apple constantly plays catch up on iOS features with android and is the only phone company that charges more for crap specs. I don't spend more on a pc tower that comes with less memory less processing power less features why the hell do you think it's okay for Apple to do that and get away with it. I won't calm down until you stupid Apple iPhone fanboys stop buying crap for more and letting Apple keep trying to set a horrible standard for the mobile phone industry. Every single iPhone upgrade is the same damn phone, iPhone 6 has like 50p more pixels and .2ghz more processing power ooo plus it says it's one A(#) higher :o and same amount of ram, 3/4 in bigger screen and you guessed it once again a crap small battery. Apple is clearly building a phone for maximum profit not maximum money for features. 1gb of ram is a joke it costs nothing to add 1 more gig or 2 for the plus, would stop so many apps from crashing all the time after every IOS update slowly slows and destroys the phone.

You're rediculous defending of apples garbage phone tactics is a huge reason why I should be mad lol pathetic I've owned a iPhone 4 and I have an iPhone 5 gone through 10 replacements altogether.

Tiqila2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

also, it is not only about the OS being more efficient as many iphone user claim.

First, we don't know whether this statement is true, but apple does a great job to make us believe it.

Second, we are not only using basic OS features (that work smoothly with a dualcore and 1gb ram), but will have quite a lot of apps installed. As a developer you will highly appreciate good specs, which the iphone lacks. Expect more advanced graphics and faster third party apps on android devices with up-to-date hardware.

Also a dated camera does not really contribute to a good user experience. If you are not a total fan you can not seriously buy that new iphone with its ridiculous price.

And lastly, it was mentioned that the WindowsPhones are also having dated hardware. This is not true if you look at their flagship phones (e.g. Lumia 930). Quadcore@2,2Ghz, 2GB Ram, 20MP camera.

badz1492322d ago

"Windows Phone and iOS are efficient operating systems, which means performance will be great on just 1GB of RAM and a dual core processor. If a smartphone performs at optimal with 1GB RAM and a dual core processor, why bump the specs?"

so...why bump the price? performance or not, it's a FACT that the iPhone 6 is only comparable to 2 years old Nexus4 and spec wise, it is LITERALLY a joke for 2014! some mid-ends Androids are more powerful at a third of the price Apple is asking for iPhone 6!

I don't really care how people spend their money and fine if they want the iPhone but don't ever try to deny that it's totally overpriced low spec phone! it's embarrassing enough you have become a sheep to Apple for even believe the crap they are selling you but let's not further embarrass yourself by trying to put the iPhone 6 at the same ballpark as high-end Androids!

hadouken0072322d ago

Your right big numbers dont meen better product, iPhones price tag says it all.

mcstorm2322d ago

@badz149 and other people talking about specs etc. One thing people are forgetting is if you look at the majority of Iphone users they are none tech people and even though I hate saying it its the best OS for these users.

I have been working in the IT industry since 2002 and I remember when windows mobile came out. Microsoft said smart phones were going to be the next big thing in phones and they also brought out slates too and said tablets were the future of computers.

Now they were not wrong smart phones and now the main selling phones in the so called rich countries eg, USA, UK, Germany etc but the smart phone only started to become popular when apple created the IPhone. If you look back Sony, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and more were all making smart phones but they lacked a few things that IOS had over them and that was smart designs and also simple to use.

Windows mobile was a great OS and still dose more than any other mobile os on the market today its biggest issues were the hardware it was on was not good powerful enough to run it smoothly and I know as I had a few windows mobile devices until the HTC HD2 came out but by then Microsoft were already moving to windows phone 7.

Android also fell under the same bracket as windows mobile when it 1st came out as there is a lot of things that are the same on both OS's. The other issue both have though is they are not simple to use. Yes it sounds dart but people don't like change or like thinking about what they have to do with there tech.

Apple made a very simple open and close OS and then also put this on a tablet.

This is the reason why the Iphone and also the Ipad sell very well.

Android sells well but people who want a low cost phone as this is where android gets most of its sales out side of Samsung there is not much choice other than android.

If I go in a uk phone shop today they have a few iPhones a few windows phones and then around 30 android phones.

Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed using a android phone when I had one a few years ago but for me Windows phone fits my life best but I really don't see apple losing its market to android Oro windows phone any time soon just because people like things to be simple and also don't like change.

The amount of people I have told me they think android, windows phone, Office 13, Microsoft surface etc are rubbish and when you ask why its because they don't know how to work it most of the time.

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Sitdown2323d ago

Pretty sure the moto x will once again hold its own; and for those who want stock android, guess what will be the best device for them.

feedthereaper2323d ago

I can't see Sony surviving for very many more years the way it is going.
The problem they have is they have far too many good products and they are just not making a profit? Their phones are pushing new features before others (waterproof phones), TV's that were HD first and now 4K, Blu-Ray first and a games console that is outperforming all expectations and all rival consoles... and yet they are now saying they are having to look at a revenue loss 5 times worse than hoped.
For any other company it would be easy to say they could turn it around and improve it by simply making better products, improving the quality or coming up with new ideas, but Sony are already ticking all those boxes and still failing.
If the quality is well rated, and if they are selling products in fairly large numbers, then how are they meant to turn the company around? They have over-stretched themselves in R&D and new concepts and their profit margins far too low on each unit sale. They have backed themselves into a corner where they are going to struggle to get back out off.
I know a lot of big business analysts are finding Sony a huge conundrum as to how they can turn it around and make a profit without selling off major assets like the entire Mobile division and concentrating on the gaming and entertainment divisions.

ngecenk2323d ago

you guys have to understand that these people do not count loss from (production cost) - (income). But more of (expected profit) - (current profit). I wouldn't say that they are in trouble, but they are not as profitable as the expected.

It's tricky but effective to avoid spotlight from tax officers

Wikkid6662322d ago

Sony is in horrible shape. And very much in trouble. Stock is valued as "junk". They are no longer on most stock indexes in Japan. Market cap of $18 billion. The only thing keeping their doors open is their insurance division. Which is pretty said for a electronics company.

Anon19742322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Wow. While no one is claiming it's all sunshine and rainbows for Sony, your post is quite misleading. Sony's stock is not valued as "junk". There's no such thing as a "junk" stock rating. You're thinking about their bond ratings, and a "junk" rating simply means it's below a safe investment grade and usually carries a higher yield and thusly more risk than other bonds. There are plenty of Japanese electronics makers that have had their credit downgraded as a result of FX risks, a shaky Japanese outlook and a tough electronics market. Panasonic's bonds are also considered "junk". Are claiming doom for them as well?

Also, Sony stock hasn't stopped trading on Japanese markets. It's trading just fine. It's no longer listed as part of the Nikkei figure. Companies are added and subtracted from indices all the time. And market cap is nothing more than the value of the companies current outstanding stock, which is based on public opinion as opposed to an actual realistic impression of company worth. And the public and stock markets never get it wrong, correct?

Again, no one is saying Sony isn't facing an uphill battle but there isn't a single reputable analyst out there predicting Sony's going to fail. In fact, most analysts have been quite happy with the Sony's restructuring efforts and the forecast is a return to profitability for the company in the next fiscal year.

Every time I read one of these Sony doom talks (and not saying it's you, but in general) I just shake my head. The situation is never as cut and dry as many make it out to be, and the rule in the media is "if it bleeds, it leads". They're so quick to jump all over anything that can be spun as negative and so often don't bother offering any kind of context in their articles.

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