Apple approves first 4K iPhone video app: $999 and it’s yours

Yes, that isn't a typo. It's actually $999.99, which practically makes it $1,000. Granted, the app's purpose is quite noble and the results it gives might very well justify the costs. i4software's Vizzywig 4K lets you produce and distributed 4K videos from your iPhone 5s. A complete 4K video workflow all from the convenience of your 2013 iPhone model Unfortunately, for now, it will have to be only that model and only on iOS 7. If you want to keep on using this app, you shouldn't upgrade to iOS 8 until further notice.

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Devil-X2322d ago

That some insane pricing

Audiggity2320d ago

Yeah, I would never guess Apple would over-charge for anything!

;) [creepy sarcastic wink]

anwe2320d ago

Apple have always been out of touch with reality where pricing is concerned.

filchron2320d ago

nobody is stupid enough to buy this. just DL cydia and boom. all the free apps you want. so given THAT, i guess apple has the best 4K capable phone out there

Crazywhitie2320d ago

So you have to pay extra for an option thats on newer Androids free?

Speed-Racer2320d ago

*whispy marketing voice* because it's seamless and simple and works all the time.

Sahil2320d ago

apple fanboys will be all over this