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Should You Jump Ship From Android to iPhone?

Brittany Vincent of Modojo writes:

"For the most part, iOS is a lot more stable than Android. You don't have to worry about killing tasks, apps being force closed, or issues with the latest software upgrades causing an unstable atmosphere."

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Speed-Racer2321d ago

Sounds like Apple paid you to write this story. Have you all tried KitKat lately?

Sentionaut2320d ago

If they paid me, I sure don't have the money to show for it. Bye.

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badz1492319d ago

Jump ship to iPhone and have a downgrade? Thanks but NO thanks!

windblowsagain2320d ago

Err no.

I have used both. Felt restricted on iphone.

I can use any rom I want on my android, and there are many.

Trouble with Android phones is, they are not supported long enough with new firmwares officially.

MEsoJD2319d ago

The jailbreak community for ios is huge so they have you covered for almost any tweak. Roms included.

KingPin2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

unstable apps from 10% of developers...for anything that you need an app for, there are 100 to choose from to get the job done and most of them are all free. if an app is unstable, uninstall, try a new one or alternatively you could pay for an app the first time round. from experience, it takes 3 tries max.

simplify smartphone usage? you mean having no added options to explore your expensive device to do as you please thats just like everybody elses out there? thats the whole point of customization, to make the phone comfy for your individual needs. its not mandatory for everyone to change the default settings anyways.
heck, it took Apple right up to the iphone 5 to add mp3s as ringtones by default and not having to by an app for it. really? coz setting an mp3 as a ringtone is way too much customization on any device.

keep up with current u admitting that owning an iphone is more about status than what it does better than other devices on the market. not to mention, if you already own a number of apple devices you pretty much stuck in their web. not all movie files play well with them...unless you BUY an app.

better selection of apps...erm no. thats the joy of open source. for every app thats pay for only, you have an equally good app thats free and has ads. dont like ads, buy the app.

what do i think you shouldve asked apple to read this article and sponsor you some cash for doing their type of PR work.

edit: you fail to mention the things where apple really build quality of premium devices, longer support for older devices, the ecosystem they created...stuff that really couldve counted in apples favour.

chaoslh2319d ago

Apple is like a dictator. they are like communists.

annoyedgamer2319d ago

Perhaps but Google is no better and I am an Android user.

twdll2320d ago

Uhhh! Simple answer is No.

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The story is too old to be commented.