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The iPhone 6 Wasn’t The Biggest Disappointment Yesterday

Yesterday was Apple’s much anticipated Fall event, where everything that has been leaking in the past few months, finally came to fruition. Asides from the TERRIBLE stream that Apple provided through the main page of their website, the rest of the event was even more disappointing. From the iPhone 6/6+, to the iWatch Apple Watch, and everything else in between, the event was just a major let down. As one of the Apple faithful, let me explain.

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Strongfist362319d ago

I think the Apple watch was the biggest disappointment.

brohsnbluffs2319d ago

The iWatch was definitely the biggest disappointment for me. Number 2 was the lack of top-end specs for AT LEAST the iPhone 6+. The most exciting part of yesterday's event was the introduction of Apple Pay just because it finally means that NFC will be found in more places now that Apple is backing it.

yungtris2319d ago

I definitely agree. The watch is very questionable, but the way the media treats it is the most sickening.

brohsnbluffs2319d ago

There's a picture floating around the interwebs, of The Verge's first take on the Note 3, and it's compared to the first take on the iPhone 6+. The difference is that they state the Note 3 is a little too big to handle with one hand, while the iPhone 6+ is not too much to manage with one hand. This is what's really sad with site's like this. Then you have people who are Apple fanboys, but get bashed as soon as they say one negative thing about the "almighty Apple". It's just sad, and crazy.

Strongfist362319d ago

Objectivity is a lost art. I saw that picture. I'm going to go back and double check to make sure it's the same author. That could be the difference.

brohsnbluffs2319d ago

The picture is one that was making it's rounds on Twitter and Google+ from Ron Amadeo, and it helped describe my feelings in regards to the lack of innovation on the part of Apple.