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The iPhone 6: A disappointment that will still sell really well

The much talked about iPhone 6 is finally here. Coming in 2 variants, there’s the regular iPhone 6 which measures 4.7 inches diagonally, and the iPhone 6 Plus at 5.5 inches for those who prefer something bigger. Sadly, this was one of the worst kept secrets in history, as the event confirmed the leaks specs that hit the web just weeks before (with one or two minor differences).

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Gondee2319d ago

Iphone has never been about the specs. And it wont be in the future. Anyone who has used android knows RAM is important, but for apple users its abstracted and frankly there is never an impression of context switching. Unless your a developer, its completely irrelevant

Speed-Racer2319d ago

So what exactly is Apple selling at this point?

GamerSciz2319d ago

The name...Apple users would buy a brick if it said Iphone 7. No but seriously its the name. I myself have an Iphone5 but I admit often Apple isn't innovative, and haven't been for years. That being said I enjoy my Iphone for what it is. Does everything I need it to and I am used to the interface.

Gondee2319d ago

They are selling the user experience. Actually using the phone is pleasurable, reliable, intuitive, easy and out of the way. It maintains that aspect of still being a companion, rather than a full media/ entertainment device like IMO the android OS has become. I believe that the iPhone software and hardware are married in a way that focus on experience and specs are only a means to provide this. They don't compete in the commoditized hardware segment (spec wars) that most other OEM's are forced into so Apple can afford to take, in my opinion, the path best for consumers/me and thats refinement.

MEsoJD2319d ago

Build quality, ease of use, fluidity, looks, and etc?
I have a 5S at the moment and I'm perfectly content with it. Not the most powerful phone, but I don't really care. I just want a nice looking phone that feels good in the hand and functions well.

annoyedgamer2319d ago

A fashion accessory. Watch women pretend like electronic watches just got invented.

Speed-Racer2319d ago

@Gondee - That sounds like a nice marketing pitch, but have you tried KitKat lately in it's stock form? I can say I've experienced all those features with my Nexus 4 over the last two years. It's been able to do everything I needed it to do and it's been reliable on top of it. The interface is quite simple and for Apple fans who say it's confusing, I'm sure if I went over to iOS, it would just be as confusing initially until you get accustomed.

That might have been the case 2 or 3 years ago but Android 4.4 and upcoming 4.5 levels the playing field, and is even better if you ask me.

mikeslemonade2319d ago

It use to be cool to own a iPhone. Now to be cool it's either the iPhone or Samsung. So it's no longer the only in-crowd phone anymore.

They dropped the ball by not atleast matching the specs and features.

ChickeyCantor2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

"hey don't compete in the commoditized hardware segment (spec wars) that most other OEM's are forced into so Apple can afford to take, in my opinion, the path best for consumers/me and thats refinement."

And that's exactly the reason why they are overpriced.
When my friends got an iPhone they had trouble adjusting in the first 2 week. It's not as intuitive as you claim. It's really just what you learn to get accustomed to.

I have Android JellyBean and my experience hasn't faltered.

Gondee2314d ago

@ChickeyCantor I don't understand this overpriced statement. Every good phone is either $200 or $300 on contract. That stupid tech dogma of Apples being more expensive than their competitors no longer applies. Sure they don't compete in much of the lower end segments, but they were never really good at that anyway. Predictability and reliability leads to being intuitive

@Speed-Racer I have not used KitKat in its stock form, so I wouldn't know of its stability. I would think that since Google optimized the hardware and software, it nears the transparency that an Iphone experience will give you. My impression of Android is based off my Note 3 and old OneX.
On a technical note, I believe the architecture of IOS and they way its API's interface so closely to the hardware and expected feel has lead and will continue to lead to the best software experience. For example, look at the difference in visual/design quality of 3rd party apps between platforms...

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cell9892319d ago

If it was up to Apple 1080p output screen resolution would still be non existent, phablets would not exist, they would still be stuck with a 5MP camera, and 512MB Ram. They have 0 interest in actually bringing us a future proof phone. The specs on the Iphone 6 will be obsolete when IOS9 comes out. So you have to buy their new phone if you want a smooth experience. The new features added to this phone could be optimized to run on the 5S, so how exactly is it innovative? its not even water proof

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892319d ago

All the people defending iPhones shitty specs and copy cat innovation seriously need to just say " I like getting ripped off " and " I love paying more for less " this is coming from a person with a shitty useless iPhone 5 that has tones of browser issues and antenna is shit se with wifi. Android friends always have signal when I don't. On my 3rd replacement phone. iPhones are garbage and I've also owned iPhone 4. Don't waste you're money apple fans. Copy you're itunes purchased files over to a seperate folder and than go get a Sony xperia z3 or a lg g3 everybody. Never look back.

n4f2318d ago

how about blackberry? I mean you are canadian AND the phone is advanced compare to what it was.

VforVideogames2319d ago

I just can't believe the iphone has less resolution than lg g3.

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Devil-X2319d ago

Even the nexus 4 got similar specs to this 4.7" inch iPhone 6.

nikola9872318d ago

And works like sh*t... While ip6 is leaving in the dust even nvidia shield (k1)... Just look at the geekbench.

Agent_hitman2319d ago

At this point, we can clearly say that Android phones and tablets are still more powerful than Apple's overrated gadgets

methegreatone2318d ago

And yet the iphone performs just as well in any application, if not better.
It's funny, because when it comes to intensive applications like games (quality games, I mean, like the iOS exclusives Infinity Blade and Republique), the iphone destroys competing android devices. Spec comparisons like processing power, RAM etc are irrelevant with the iphone, it may have worse specs, but performs so much better.

fatstarr2319d ago

copied samsung on every thing Lmao. this is the gold of gold.

fatstarr2319d ago

glad people have woken up. Lmao

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