Exclusive: Samsung SM-A500 to have full metal body, specs detailed

We recently revealed Samsung’s plans to launch three new devices in its new A series of smartphones following the Galaxy Alpha, along with some info on one of those devices, carrying model number SM-A500. The SM-A500 will be the next phone to launch in the lineup, and today, we’ve got detailed information on the device’s hardware. The most interesting thing we’ve learned from our source is that the SM-A500 will have a full metal body, without a removable back cover. If true, this means the phone won’t have the new faux leather back that Samsung has been using on most of its recent devices, and hence might feel more premium than even the Galaxy Alpha despite its mid-range specs.

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Settler2332d ago

These alpha phones are looking like a great replacement for my moto x

Devil-X2330d ago

Wow, A full metal body phone, that would be interesting to see.