The LG G3 Stylus may do well in developing markets, if the price is right

A flagship phone with a fancy stylus and top-notch specs? Nah, you're thinking of the other major Korean smartphone maker. LG's taking a different approach with its way-too-aptly named G3 Stylus, which is more "stylus" than "G3." While the screen is the same size at 5.5 inches and the camera is 13MP, that's essentially where the commonalities end between this budget-minded phone and its high-end brother. Indeed, the stylus-packing Stylus smartphone is designed to target users in developing markets who want a handset in one hand and a stick in the other, but can't spend a boatload of cash for the privilege. The recently announced device is now being exhibited at IFA in Berlin, so enjoy a gallery of photos and a few more thoughts.

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