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Sony's latest headphones tackle high-res and bass-heavy listening

While several other audio outfits have already unveiled hi-fi minded and bass heavy options, Sony's looking to add some more of the same. First, the MDR-1a are a high-res set of on-ear cans aimed at listeners who fancy high-end aesthetics, with a bit more sophisticated look than the MDR-1. There's silver accents with leather-like material wrapping both the earcups and headband for "long-term" comfort and silent joints keep movement from muddying the tunes. Inside, sound reproduction ticks the meter at up to 100 kHz to keep things clear with 40mm drivers powering beats. Of course, there are two cables included -- for those who prefer in-line controls -- designed to curb signal loss and a folding design that tucks nicely into that rucksack. Sound too good to pass up? The MDR-1a will arrive later this month with a $300 price tag that matches several other high-end options.

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