Celebrity iCloud Accounts Compromised by Weak Passwords, Not iCloud Breach

Over the weekend, hundreds of nude photos of celebrities were leaked on 4chan before spreading to multiple Internet sites, with one of the involved hackers pointing towards iCloud as the source of the material, which quickly led to accusations of a flaw in iCloud as the reason for the leak.

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Settler2334d ago

But how many times can the password be guessed? The most secure sites have a three or five try maximum before you get locked out for a while.

wannabe gamer2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

well we dont know how many attempts they made or ovr what course of time. if they wanted they could have easily written something that atempts every so often and it wouldnt take long to figure the timeframes of the lockouts or whatever. or they just do it from many different Ip and are essentially never locked out since if 1 IP get locked then they just use a different one. the lockout doesnt really deter someone that is actually determined or knows what they are doing. it does keep lazy ppl away and kids tho

spacerace2334d ago

The last Apple 'hack' I read involved compromising the email account that the 'forgot password' reset email would go to. There's usually several accounts/steps required to successfully get into these things, not just a single service flaw.