Why Beats headphones are so ridiculously overpriced

Beats headphones aren’t exactly beloved in the audiophile community and yet Dr. Dre’s company still gets away with charging an obscene $300 per pair for its Beats Studio Headphones. Why? A new MKBHD video that went viral over the weekend does a nice job of breaking things down: Basically, Beats can get away with charging so much more for its headphones thanks to the magic of branding.

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KingPin2141d ago

pioneer have better headphones than beats headphones.
heck, low-end sennheisers kick beats ass.

beats is nothing more than overhyped trash.

Devil-X2140d ago

Yeah, pioneer is good too.

iamnsuperman2140d ago

Though it could end up like Red Bull. Red Bull as a drink is pretty disgusting but their brand image is fairly strong. They went hard for the extreme sports market and created something completely new. This could happen o Beats if they continue to invest heavily in celebrity endorsement. Beats are terrible but that isn't why people buy them. It is a fashion statement. The only way that trend will die is the celebrities stop wearing them. But I don't think they will because of large amounts of money. Beats has gone beyond just being a headset brand

wannabe gamer2140d ago

does this really need an explanation?????? dumb people are duped into buying whatever is made to look popular.

hkgamer2140d ago

you ever buy brand named clothes?

beats is a nice looking product. sound quality is ok. definitely not for the sound tech guys though.

just want to state that beats is too overpriced for my liking and with that price you can get better quality headphones. i wont buy those as well because i honestly dont care.

wannabe gamer2140d ago

i dont buy brand name clothes no

Devil-X2140d ago

Yeah and brands like beats does it perfectly.

hkgamer2140d ago

its fashion. im pretty sure most fashionable items cost a lot less then it does to make.

Devil-X2140d ago

Why would any item cost less than it does to make, what's the point in making it then.

hkgamer2140d ago

sorry. totally typed the wrong thing.mi mesnt to say most items cost a fraction of its selling price.