Hundreds of alleged celebrity nudes leak on the seediest corners of the Web

It’s been called "Celebgate." It involves 4chan and a huge library of never-before-seen nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, McKayla Maroney, and Krysten Ritter.

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Blasphemy2330d ago

Why would you fap to still images what there's room of free porn to do it to out there?

2330d ago
pompombrum2330d ago

For the same reason people still fap despite having gfs/wives?

SilentNegotiator2330d ago

Because those actresses haven't done porn?

Sahil2325d ago

"Everyday I'm Fappening"

MEsoJD2330d ago

Just checked them out and they indeed seem to be legit. : p

SilentNegotiator2330d ago

Why would you just have nudes hanging around in some online profile?

JD_Shadow2329d ago

They didn't. According to one person, they had deleted those photos that they took, like, ages ago, and someone took the time and the effort to go looking for something. Even though they are deleted from a storage device, someone found a way to gain access to them, and went through hell to get access to them.

SilentNegotiator2329d ago

People really, really need to learn that nothing gets fully deleted unless you take the HDD and introduce it to a blender.

JD_Shadow2329d ago

You should still respect people's privacy anyway, regardless of who it is. Even if it's in the bowels of the internet.

wannabe gamer2329d ago

yea even if a celeb wants to do this they should know they need to stick to non digital formats or use a device that is not network capable.

johny52330d ago

Now where are all those Jennifer Lawrence defenders, since they claim how she's not like the other Hollywood hoes, yet she's got cum written all over her face!

Speed-Racer2329d ago

So you're a hoe if you let your bf jizz all over your face?

wannabe gamer2329d ago

AND take pictures of the act and carelessly upload them to anything whether private storage or not.

Speed-Racer2329d ago

That's a point and a good one, but I think if you take a few photos just for yourself and your partner, it does not automatically make you a hoe. Some of the photos were even deleted but the server still managed to keep a ghost image somewhere. If you're publicly flaunting your nudity and sleeping around with several guys, then the definition changes.

level 3602329d ago

" Cloud " were everything gets sucked up and is then poured everywhere and for everyone.

SilentNegotiator2329d ago

Communal data storage is the worst thing to happen to security since lockpicks.

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