End of the line for CAPTCHAs

Sadly, one of the First World Problems are CAPTCHAs. They are essentially simplified Turin tests aimed at preventing Web resource abuse. However, most of the abuse is felt by the user with good intentions as he stumbles upon this:

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Gilbertinium2343d ago

Lord Inglip will not be pleased...

1Victor2343d ago

Yesss I Cant Wait For The Death Of "Wrong Capcha Try Again "X3

Soldierone2342d ago

I friggin hate these things. Fill out all your information, do it, "Sorry, you took to long" WHAT! Then It resets most of the form.....

Or sitting there for a minute squinting "is that an I or an L behind all those scribbles?"

scark922342d ago

I do not mind Captcha as long as it is simple and not three impossible words.

Devil-X2342d ago

CAPTCHAs hurt my eyes, too bad.

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