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Leaked Windows 9 details reveal upgrade offers, ability to backup & restore system image from cloud

Microsoft is gearing up to release Windows 9 Enterprise Technical Preview next month as it's been previously reported. Today we learn some more details on what the tech giant is planning in terms of new features and incentives for users to upgrade.

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ITPython2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

If history is judge, Windows 9 is going to be a success.

MS had their usual "every other OS is a complete failure" with Windows 8, so Windows 9 is already looking good even though I know nothing about it yet.

Although TBH, XP-4-Life. Even Windows 7, which is a major success, sucks ass compared to XP in many ways. W7 is such an unstable inefficient bloated buggy piece of sh*t OS IMHO. Granted it has a few features XP doesn't that would be nice to have (like TRIM support), but XP could have had those features if MS wasn't so gung-ho about releasing a new OS every few years and abandoning older OS's completely.

If it wasn't for the eventual lack of software/hardware support for XP and the increasing security risk due to no more updates, I would never upgrade.

mcstorm2341d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing Windows 9. I am a big fan of 8.1 and I now think the touch side is the best of any of the touch os's on the market but the desktop/none touch side can be improved and if they can do this I think Microsoft could be on for a winner os.

pandehz2341d ago

Yep 8.1 is the best touch Os this world has seen and I've used all that exists in the market.

mcstorm2341d ago

I am the same I'm not. Massive fan of ios or android but its all personal preference. For me I don't use my surface for media I use if for doing work at home which is editing my web site, emails, one note, syncing photos, and I also work from home with it too using remote desktop, vnc and our help desk. I could not do all of this on my iPad or xoom when I had them.

FastRedPonyCar2341d ago

No metro UI on Server OS... is this a dream? Thank F'ing GOODNESS!!

Can't wait to take the preview build for a spin.

xer02341d ago

The cloud backup is a nice touch.