Burger King Now Serving a Selection of Free Smartphones

Maximum PC: Interested in the LG G2? What about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or Galaxy S4 Active? Believe it or not, these represent a small selection of smartphones you can get for free through Burger King's website. Yes, Burger King, the fast food chain that just brought back Chicken Fries to go with your Whopper. Apparently Burger King really, really wants you to download and use its new mobile app for Android.

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neoragex2330d ago

The promo code apparently subtracts a penny from your order. That's right. 1 whole cent. Seriously?

Sahil2330d ago

Just was reading today that there is a campaign to boycott Burger King. Apparently they are going to move their headquarters out of the US so they can avoid paying taxes. There are no more Burger Kings around me anyway. But if there were I would not enter one after this information about avoiding taxes.