The Nexus X (not Nexus 6) will be released around Halloween without an announcement

Big news about the upcoming Motorola Nexus! We have been getting a ton of info about Motorola's plans, and now we're getting more on the release plans for the Nexus X. It sounds like Google's plans are to basically do the same as last year. But, first off, that name Nexus X is not official, but is the name being used internally at Motorola for the device and it is said to "most likely" be the official name of the device, which will use model number XT1100.

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Devil-X2345d ago

I am waiting for nexus 6 though.

Sahil2339d ago

Nexus 6 is going to immense, can sense it but am still waiting for what apple has in store before to make a desicion.