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Sony is finally bulldozing its decrepit, abandoned PlayStation Home in Japan

VB - PlayStation Home is coming to an end — at least in Japan.

Sony announced today that it will shut off the PlayStation 3’s 3D open-world gaming network in March in its home country (as first spotted by Kotaku). That will mark more than six years of the free service that was supposed to act as a hub for PlayStation console owners. Sony says it is preparing a “large-scale event of last resort” (according to the Google translation) to celebrate the end of Home, and it will provide more details about that in the near future. PlayStation Home gave gamers the opportunity to spend money on in-game items, and Sony was likely hoping it would act as a significant source of revenue. That didn’t pan out, as the service never really caught on.

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ChrisW2485d ago

Just like PS Home was crap... This crap needs to be posted on N4G.