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iWatch release might be delayed to 2015

"We’ve been expecting some details to emerge about the iWatch for some time now, hoping that we would be pleasantly surprised with an early Autumn release. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get the rumors we were hoping for, instead, we found out that the iWatch unveiling will surely be delayed. Sources say that a 2015 release is much more likely now."

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Devil-X2487d ago

Who need an iwatch when we have moto 360 just around the corner.

iamnsuperman2487d ago

Who needs a smart watch period. I just don't get the appeal of these devices. They trying to create an expensive solution to a problem that doesnt exist.

Crazyglues2486d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo! Ok maybe you didn't want an iWatch but I can't wait to have the tech they are saying will be in the watch..

Like a heart monitor... / would be awesome, a lot of watches have failed at doing something so simple...

Would be awesome to know how certain foods affect your heart rate-

Also the possible medical records that could not be tied to your iwatch so, god forbid you end up at the hospital from a sprained angle, your doctor can get your records right from your watch and all medical info, like coverage/ what medicine not to give you because your allergic.

Stuff like that, how about the really cool ones, Like they are saying it could have credit payment in the watch, so no more needing your credit card, just swipe your watch and you paid --- Too Awesome

I'm excited for if they hit it out the park, and really get it right, it could become a real game changer.