New research suggests that cancer is an unstoppable killer that can’t be eradicated

From the article: "Researchers at the Kiel University, the Catholic University of Croatia and a number of other institutions have claimed that cancer just might be here to stay. This is because the researchers have found that hydra, which are tiny coral-like polyps that came into existence hundreds of millions of years ago, have the potential to form tumors that are quite like those found in human beings."

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Speed-Racer2495d ago

Sad. My dad has stage 4 cancer and he hasn't even bothered with treatment because there's really no effective way with dealing with it.

justlikeme2492d ago

Sorry to hear about your father. Wish him all the best. One day there will be a cure for cancer.

Jrmy842492d ago

Sorry to hear that, here's a link you should check out http://www.burzynskiclinic....

hay2492d ago

There's no official effective treatment. I have a old friend who works at pharma producing chemo treatment for cancer patients. It has 25% chance of succeeding in average and then treated person can have between 2 to 70% chance of being well enough(to survive).
Been there as a patient also, to be constructive instead of bashing I'd personally advise following:

- lots of sun(unless it's skin condition)
- at least 4 lemons daily
- tomatos and onion, make it base of most of dishes(onion syrup, slice the onion, stuff it into jar and add sugar, is pretty awesome too)
- excercise (chemo kills fast, cancer kills slowly, one needs more energy and strength)
- groat (make it a base of dishes as possible, boils similarly long as noodles is much nutrient than rice) preferably made of panicum and hordeum.
- herbs, try Cistus, works miracles with lymphatic system, Bryophyllum pinnatum is also worth a shot. Taraxacum officinale is mandatory, either in herb or root form.
- seeds: sunflower and cannabis sativa are recommended
- minerals: Argentum colloidale is solid in cleaning water so it'll clean about 75% of the father, 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate daily(one can make from this and lemons oldschool lemonade that tastes nice and is at least awesome for digestion problems, worked miracles with my almost dead digestive tract after the treatment, can't recommend it enough).

And most important thing, mind set: There is no cancer, just the tremendous amount of awful crap we need to free ourselves from and the tumour will let go like a dry piece of crap off the shoe.

You will hear the above pretty much only from the doctors who were unable to "cure with chemo" and if the patient is still alive, but only as "we ran out of bullets, let's throw a gun worth-a-shot solution".

Do not go with chemo, it's more experimenting than treatment. I've seen so many people die because doctors fail to know what they should do creating contrast, with much better solutions, so huge that it makes no real enlighted sense to continue with this atrocity.

And personal advice, don't go with chemo because your father will feel the effects of the treatment alone for the rest of his life and people are never the same afterwards.

Emme2492d ago

Most stupid and dangerous advise there is. Almost everybody who does not go with chemo dies sooner, and once the alternative treatments fail (they always do),
Its almost always too late.

hay2492d ago

I will simply disagree without throwing invectives, this statement is so wrong without providing any solid arguments it pretty much defeats itself.

Handling cancer isn't as simple, the only thing that helps you during the treatment is the mandatory lifestyle change to survive.
If one adapts the same tactic without chemo chances are much better.

Please note that diet I mentioned can be easily used with chemo as those are common things to obtain and none of them is inhibitor of some sort, they are not mutually exclusive and will help everybody no matter if you decide to be "flushed" or no.

But I'd personally recommend to evade the chemical treatment altogether as I already mentioned above.

I am well aware nobody will listen to me, but confront this with your intuition, you know better than me what's best for you, resist the fear in any direction.

UnwanteDreams2492d ago

Chemo kills and saves. My sister is living proof it can work. Almost 8 years cancer free thanks to agressive chemo treatments. I wish you and your family.well.

link2Dpast2492d ago

Sorry to hear, it probably won't make a difference but you should check out a documentary it's called Food Matters I know they have it on Netflix. I cant imagine going threw something like that so if you ever have a chance check it out it really open your eyes to a lot of new stuff and knowledge that the general public arent taught or shown.

evanblive912492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I just finished watching a documentary about people taking Cannabis oil to deal with their Cancers (high CBD concentration). The lady had stage 4 lung cancer that spread to her brain and other parts of her body. When she took the cannabis oil from a friends advice her tumors shrunk to half their size and she was feeling great, she left her oncology dr stunned. Don't give up bc of the hopeless info out there. A lot of good stuff, it is being covered up.

Not to mention all the junk and inflammatory foods we put in our body that make our bodies more acidic. Eat only organic and cut out meats for the time being and look up things to eat that make the body more basic and raise your pH. Good luck. You have to fight against Cancer with the same aggressiveness it fights with to kill you.

fr0sty2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Cannabis has been proven to shrink and/or kill tumors with few negative side effects. Tommy Chong used hash oil to cure his cancer.

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RobbyGrob2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I don't really understand what these scientists are trying to prove. It's scaring people about something that is completely unnecessary, and already most likely generally accepted anyway. Saying that cancer is here to stay is like saying that colds are here to stay. As if anyone ever expected otherwise? If the article would have been about how cancer will remain as a mass-disease, that would have been a point of interest.

Unlike something like ebola or swine flu, cancer is something that develops over the course of decades. As few people as those dieing from a normal flu would die from cancer if people only changed their life-style and went to a doctor more often. The reason why cancer is bigger today is not because of any ones genes, but because of how we choose to live our lives. Kids born with cancer is just another birth defect, of which there are many at least as gruesome as cancer and that are not inherited in the slightest.

Cancer being inherited is admittedly a wild guess. This SEEMS like it's true simply because of statistics. But it has never actually been proven. Tobacco, alcohol, lack of physical activity, an unhealthy diet and excessive exposure to UV rays and pollution are the by far most common causes of cancer. This tells us all we really need to know about it. The reason why the offspring of a person who develops cancer has a 5 - 10 percent higher risk of also developing cancer is more logically because this person inherits the unhealthy life-style of the parent, or simply lives in the same area where for example high levels of cancerous fumes from factories and automobiles or radiation is present.

Cancer is a constant reminder of how pathetically unprepared that the human race was to the industrial revolution and how our bodies suffer from our unnatural life-styles. Cancer itself is not the problem. It would be a tiny problem if we lived healthy lives. Like everyone else, i wish that cancer did not exist. But since it does, one can only truly hope for that we as a species one day grow up.

The cure for cancer lies in accepting that your way of life simply wasn't intended for the human body.

hay2492d ago

That's true. I think chemo is here to adapt us to the heavily polluted way of life more than treat. I mean there's only a limit where prepared chemicals can be used to remove prepared chemicals without permanently changing the organisms ecosystem, what usually goes next is the adaptation or death.

RobbyGrob2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

That's another good point. People still see cancer as just another disease that you're unlucky if you get. And see chemo as the solution to cancer just like liposuction is the solution to obesity. It doesn't work that way. It's not like when you have had a bad nights sleep or missed a few meals and get a cold due to your immune system being down. Cancer means decades of mistreatment.

Cancer is in fact a SYMPTOM of another disease. And that disease is called modern life in the industrialized world. For example, every time you eat or drink something with loads of sugar or fructose, you're treating your body to a shock of poison. Eventually this mistreatment forms a fitting punishment as your body can't take it anymore.

People who climb Mt. Everest clearly don't have any rights to complain for either freezing or falling to their death. So surely people who mistreat their bodies can't have any rights to complain about getting cancer. Cancer just happens to be a more serious problem than for example a systemic yeast infection, which by the way is an early warning signal of oncoming cancer. But that doesn't mean that it's any less your own fault for getting it.

It's a pretty clean cut situation. I don't feel sorry for people who get cancer since it's their own fault. But i do feel sorry for them not learning about the hazards of a typical modern life-style sooner so they could avoid this altogether. But in this day and age you can't really blame it on lack of knowledge anymore. People know what causes cancer today and people need to change their behavior if they want to give their kids a better chance.

StockpileTom2493d ago

While prevention is impossible treatment can advance. Identification and precise treatment before it spreads is key.... so what I am saying is... NANOMACHINES, SON!

stuna12492d ago

I have to agree with you, you know why? Because as far fetch as some things seem in movies, there is always some bit of truth to them! This past century alone we have made what some could say geometrical bounds forward in technology. So how is it not in the least part believable that we the people have been told every detail of every project worked on!?

That-Guy2492d ago

The problem I see with cancer research is our methods. We're racing to constantly invent new drugs for an adapting virus. So yes, nanobots are exactly what we need to eradicate it regardless of how it evolves. It's not science fiction and people need to start realizing that now.

OcelotRigz2492d ago

Cancer can be cured but never will be. Imagine if somebody "found" a cure in the morning, just sit back and think about what that means. All those people cancer kills everyday, will live. Imagine the population growth. The problems it will cause.
A lot of people won't like this message but its just what i believe, with all our advancements in science and we still can't cure a disease like cancer. No, it doesn't make sense, what does make sense to me is that cancer is simply a means for culling the population.

stuna12492d ago

Although I agree to a certain extent, I also would like to point out that cancer is just 1 of many deadly diseases out there! And popular to most car accidents outnumber cancer 3 to 1 in overall deaths yearly. On top of that the majority are preventable. I for on believe the equation will always find a way to balance itself out.

Take certain birds, fish, rodents they have population booms and, then cull themselves out with mass suicides. Sad to say it human nature, but we've been culling our own population for centuries.

stuna12492d ago

The powers that be would choose to say things like this because of the impact it would cause! Pharmaceutical companies would lose billions more than they would gain in situations like this.

Alternative source of energy is a prime example of this! Every single time something arises to shift the balance from expensive to inexpensive it's buried under so much red tape or, completely dismissed. Our world governments are built on the idea that whomever holds the most wealth means they are the defacto determination of the course of how research and resources are delegated to the masses in part to keep a firm grip on that wealth.

The only sad thing about this is the people have to pay the cost.

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