Stop Using Chrome, Mozilla Engineer Says

Is Firefox really the best defense against Google's control of the Internet? Or should Mozilla just clean up its own mistakes rather than throwing stones at competitors?

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Settler2494d ago

No doubt firefox is best, Google chrome suksss

badz1492493d ago

I went back to Firefox recently because Chrome doesn't allow the use of my favourite plug-ins. It's undeniably a bit slower and tedious with some things I took for granted with Chrome but meh...I can live with it I guess.

I used Dolphin browser on my phone and tablets before but somehow they screwed up with my favorite sites and now am using Chrome. It's maybe the best browser on Android yet but some things are just better with Dolphin. But what the heck is wrong with Firefox on android? It's literally CRAP!

MEsoJD2493d ago

Firefox has the plugins I want.

SilentNegotiator2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Stop making FF worse with every update and maybe people will stop converting to Chrome.

Performance issues aside, FF is still my favorite browser.

StockpileTom2493d ago

FF pissed me off by suddenly changing the way sync works making it impossible to recover my old data. I liked the old UI design as well but now it looks more like Chrome.

For now I will be using Chrome until another decent webkit based browser shows up.

KingPin2493d ago

funny how mozilla wasnt complaining when everyone was saying stop using IE and use firefox. i guess if mozilla had the monopoly, everything would be fine the way it is.

if you make a superior product, people will use it. no better proof then when FF was better than IE, everyone only used IE to download FF.

TheSaint2493d ago

Stop drinking Coke! - Head of Pepsi.

RedDevils2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I Still prefer coke over Pepsi LOL just like Chrome over Firefox

mcstorm2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I don't know why I have never really liked chrome I think it maybe because I use Bing for my search and chrome works better with the google stuff. I have found my self moving from browser to browser over the last few years but Since getting IE 11 I have found this one works best for me as I have a WP, Surface 2 and a Windows 8 pc at work so this fits my life the best.

I think when all said and done its just personal preference to which browser is the best as they all seem to work well now a day as everyone is now fighting for market share which makes it better for the customer.

The only thing I have noticed is in a business world IE 10 & 11 have less issues with web sites than Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

But for home use they all seem as good and as bad as each other.

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The story is too old to be commented.