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TechRadar - Samsung UE48H6700 review

TechRadar - "A slight upgrade on the UE48H6400, the 48-inch UE48H6700 adds Micro Dimming, a quad core processor and more refined, better contrasted and always very clean 2D and 3D images from all sources. A good value step-up set."

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Sahil2486d ago

48" is Samsung's new panel size that replaces 46" (which they no longer make) as the trend towards bigger screens continues (LG did the same, turning 47" to 49"). It was all a response from the Koreans to keep abreast of what the Taiwanese panel makers were doing (making 50" LCD panels; a size normally only seen in Plasma and adopted by first budget makes and then, in 2013, Sony and Panasonic who buy from Taiwanese panel vendors).