Facebook Messenger app tanking

Facebook has finally underwent the change forcing users to migrate over to Facebook Messenger, unfortunately for the company, it hasn't gone over well.

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Speed-Racer1620d ago

Maybe because I've been using the app from inception, but am I the only one who doesn't hate it?

Lord_Sloth1619d ago

Not at all. I use it to chat with my brothers. We can't always be together in person but this helps us stay connected. I love the app.

iamnsuperman1619d ago

I like it. The floating heads mean I don't need to go into the Facebook app. I don't really see the problem

spacerace1618d ago

I have no problem with the service, just wish they'd left it integrated with the main FB App. I can't see why it needed to be separated out...?

360ICE1618d ago

It's not bad, but for me it's certainly not as good as just having the conversations in the actual Facebook app. It was a little laggy on my old phone and even on my new phone, the chat bubbles get in the way when I'm doing other things. Just getting notifications was absolutely ideal.

It's basically the same as opening the facebook app, but it's an overlay, so it doesn't look that way.

Speed-Racer1618d ago

I turned of Chatheads for that same issue of it being in the way.

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cell9891619d ago

I'm sorry but it's almost like they purposely put all those warnings for permissions to fail miserably. It's so anti consumer it's not even funny. There are a lot of people that won't give a damn and press yes yes yes on everything, but we that are informed are better than that. I found a simple solution to keep using messenger on my mobile device,open Facebook from my mobile browser, problem solved >:)