Your New Smartphone — In Pieces

Imagine Legos on steroids. Now make them into snap-together components of a revolutionary smartphone, and you’ve got a reasonable approximation of Google’s Project Ara. Mind you, this is no fantasy dev project with a long timeline — Google plans to have these smartphones available for retail sale as early as January 2015.

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iamnsuperman2508d ago

I can't decide if this is pure brilliance or just a terrible idea destined to fail. On the one hand it is cool that I could choose what I want in a phone. On the other hand there will be no optimization as there will be an large number of configurations, standardisation is needed to make this idea work (which will be hard to come by with companies wanting to control a new market), the form factor will not change easily as the thickness of pieces are unlikely going to change (who the hell wants a bumpy phone and also there is a lot of wasted space on these phones), it will be a nightmare for the average user (playing tetris)