New iPhone 6 rear shell leaked photos show scratch resistant Apple logo and recessed volume keys

Gadget Mill: Feld & Volk a luxury modified iPhone vendor – who recently shared high quality photos and a video of an apparent rear shell of the iPhone 6 a month ago has now received a 4.6 inch iPhone 6 rear shell.

Compared to the photos and videos shared last month whilst the rear shell was in an intermediate production stage, this shell highlights features not highlighted in any of the previous leaks.

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deadman1212506d ago

As an Android fan, the phone from a quality aspect surely tempts me! However seeing as I'm currently using an Xperia Z Ultra - perhaps the screen size would still be too small for me!

SephirothX212506d ago

I'd sooner buy Oscar Pistorious' defence story.

deadman1212506d ago

I see what you did there haha

GenericNameHere2505d ago

I think I might get this next month. My iPhone 4S is over two years old. There's scratches everywhere, dents from falling onto concrete and rocks and stuff, and I get an occasional graphical glitch. It's still working really well, but I think it's time.