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Apple’s iPhone 6 line will sport faster Wi-Fi, improved fingerprint reader, A8 chip confirmed

As anticipation builds in front of the announcement of the new iPhones this fall — yes, that’s multiple phones — new details about the devices are emerging.

Our source confirms that the upcoming iPhones will contain the new A8 chip. The A8 will run at a frequency of 2.0 GHz per core and will create noticeably faster response time and graphics rendering in the new phones, the source says. By comparison, the A7 chips in the iPhone 5 run at only 1.3GHz per core.

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ajax172879d ago

Meh, I'll never buy an iPhone. I'm sure the Galaxy S6 will give this a run for its money.

bahabeast2879d ago

the galaxy s4 s5 and s6 will have a lot more features and maybe even faster but I know one thing is that they are made cheap plastic and that horrible charger port that always goes bad. the only android phones I would buy it htc or sony metal and glass pure quality

boing12879d ago

I'm waiting for galaxy s alpha.

eferreira2879d ago

First three comments are Samsung fanboys. Sad, personally I can't wait to get this one since I've had the iphone 4 for almost 4.5 years.