10 Reasons You Should Delete Your Facebook Account

WC - If you’re reading this, and you don’t have a Facebook account, then congratulations: you’re one of the privileged few. That’s what it seems like, anyway – that people without Facebook profiles are few and far between in this day and age.

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-Mezzo-2512d ago

I might be the only 1, but i never really gained interest in Facebook, or in Social Media as a whole, until Google+ came alone. I prefer it more than nay other Social Network.

KingPin2511d ago

you not the only one. makes two of us.
i never did get the whole hype around it. lol still dont.

-Mezzo-2510d ago

Damn, when will i learn to proof read my comments/posts, so many errors.

ajax172511d ago

I stopped using FB after their incessant site overhauls. That's why I like twitter.

Eyesoftheraven2510d ago

I deleted mine because of a severe second hand overdose on memes and pseudo scientific conspiracy theories.

Speed-Racer2510d ago

You have the wrong friends

specialguest2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I still have my fb because that's how I keep track of friends who I rarely get to hang out with due to distance or other reasons. There was a time before social nedia where it would be many years, even a decade before I cross paths with long lost friends and we had so much catching up to do, but now that's no longer an issue.

Because of fb, I found a childhood friend who disappeared after the 3rd grade in school. I used to wonder what happened. Later found out that his dad found a job out of state and they quickly packed and left town.