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Can Reddit Grow Up?

Since its founding nine years ago, Reddit has stuck to its own weird guns.

The site, where users find, share and talk about web links and photos, has been faithful to an antiquated design and still looks like an online message board plucked from the 1990s — think Craigslist, but with more Lolcats. You don’t need to hand over any personal data, not even an email address, to sign up and post or view an item. Discussions are often peppered with vulgar schoolyard humor.

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ajax172508d ago

I still can't figure out Reddit.

proudly_X2508d ago

why should they grow up? NSA backed-article.. They want collect more privacy..

SilentNegotiator2508d ago

"Grow up"? OMG this is what I'm talking about guis! So much ageism in our society! Time to update my anti-ageism page!!


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