Microsoft pits Siri against Cortana in new Windows Phone 8.1 ad

Microsoft is focusing on Apple’s Siri digital assistant in one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 commercials. It’s another return to the Mac vs. PC war, as Microsoft choses to mock Siri in an effort to showcase Cortana for the first time. The new commercial sees an iPhone 5S pitted against a low-end Lumia 635, with Cortana handling people- and location-based reminders, along with traffic alerts for meetings. Siri is unable to complete similar tasks.

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proudly_X2523d ago

Lol, let the war begin.. My only beef with Cortana is it's predicting Germany to win the World Cup.. I do hope Messi has recovered. :(

Speed-Racer2523d ago

You're mad the better side won?

proudly_X2523d ago

Lol, I just wanted to be part of a new history and Messi was so so close..

Speed-Racer2522d ago

Don't put your eggs in one basket.

VforVideogames2522d ago

F@ck Messi he wont even shake kids hands what a retard.

proudly_X2522d ago

I will believe you only when someone scores 91 + 1 goals in a calendar year. :p

fr0sty2522d ago

Jeanie would kill them both.

AllAboutGaming2523d ago

Cortana is available on the 40 Windows phones that have been purchased thus far VS the 800 million+ Apple devices that Siri is on.

ajax172523d ago

take that you pretentious d-bags

KingPin2523d ago

tomorrows headline

Apple sues Microsoft for $1 billion for using a defective iphone in an advert.

we all know how Apple loves to spin things.

pandehz2522d ago

That just might be good publicity for MS which apple just wont do.

They cant admit they suck publicly.

quenomamen2522d ago

Sorry brosefus, MS is the King of spin. Ever hear of Teh Cloud, DX12, Secret GPU, New SDK, Kinect Mandatory, etc.

2522d ago
S2Killinit2522d ago

Microsoft at its defamatory advertising once more. good for them.

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