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Anonymous Has Taken Down HUNDREDS of Israeli Websites

Anonymous has taken down hundreds of Israeli Websites including the website of the Tel Aviv Police Department, which is still down and not available

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proudly_X2693d ago

Little nation but so powerful, they would definitely pull through..

ChristopherJack2692d ago

Both sides are the villains, Israel ain't moving but at least they're open to the prospects of peace. True shame about all the civilian deaths, if only our world would grow up.

Yi-Long2692d ago

Nothing says 'peace' like bombing the hell out of innocent civilians... (!)

ChristopherJack2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I'm not arguing against that, what they did was wrong but the entire thing is an awkward situation. No one wanted the Jews so they built their own country but who's genius idea was it to build it next to the zealous Muslims? Muslims feel cheated & attack Israelis, Israelis retaliate.

Of course IDK what this is really about & no one ever really will but I get the gist that it's about part religion & part territorial, either way both sides should be condemned for every single fatality on both sides, they're both just as guilty for the deaths on their own side as the other side is.

Raf1k12692d ago

They didn't simply build it next to Muslims. They pretty much took Muslim land and gave it to them even though it was never there's to give.

Not the Palestinian's can't even live in their own land peacefully which is being gradually taken away by the building of Israeli settlements. These settlements are built deliberately to extend Israel's land mass. The longer Israeli's live there the more difficult it is for anyone to move them out and give it back to Palestine.

Yi-Long2692d ago

@ChrisJack. MANY people know what's going on and what it's about. If you don't you need to either get online and educate yourself about the situation there, or at the least stop pretending it's all some kind of 50-50 situation, with equal blame.

It's not. It's Israel ignoring international agreements, ignoring human rights, oppressing and killing innocent people, and making the Palestinian territories an impossible place to live in (almost no clean water, almost no electricity, killing live-stock, not allowing building materials like concrete, cement, glass and metal, etc etc.).

It's been doing this for well over 50 years. And yes, of course there's resistance from (a small portion of) the Palestinians.

This is state-terrorism. And it should be condemned by every nation on the planet, and everyone with a heart.

UltraNova2692d ago

@Raf1k1 and Yi-Long

This is very similar to the Cyprus problem, a small island country right next to Israel where Turkey invaded in 1974 and took 1/3 of their island and created 150,000 refugees in their own country in the process. They still occupy that country blatantly ignoring human rights and European/International agreements.

To Anonymous:

If you need fresh innocent blood to act then you already forgot and forgave. Or is Turkey too big and mighty for you?

1nsomniac2692d ago

Thank you @Yi-Long, At least 1 of the people commenting here understands what's going on without posting complete uneducated garbage.

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2692d ago
strangeaeon2692d ago

How wonderfully iconoclast of anonymous, what a bunch of clueless tools.

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The story is too old to be commented.