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10 Cool Gadgets Every Geek Should Have

The quality of a computer geek is directly reflected in the quality of gadgets he has in his home. When friends come visiting, their interest is keen on the kind of gadgets that makes a geek’s life really easy.

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proudly_X2700d ago

I love the USB fan.. pretty much for innovation

ITPython2699d ago

Well I got the USB fan covered, using one right now with an external 11200mAh USB battery pack. It is surprisingly quite and has great air flow. Got the USB fan for about $7 on Amazon.

kraideral2700d ago

Lol if I had all these, why would I even get up to do anything?

proudly_X2700d ago

That's the gateway to obesity.. Lol

kraideral2700d ago

Well, since I'm already halfway there, what the hell, let's do this :P

proudly_X2699d ago

I won't sign up for that buddy.. :)

Jrmy842699d ago

I'm liking the PC built into the desk forget the gadgets. That is the coolest thing I've seen.