Jaguar Concept Windshield Shows Off Augmented Reality in the Car

The self-driving car trend is gradually picking up momentum, but there are other game-changing innovations coming to the auto industry that have nothing to do with surrendering control of your car to a robot.

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Soldierone2692d ago

How awesome would it be to then use this for safety features? Braking alerts, staying in your lane, etc.... they could even acknowledge hazards and bring up a route to safely get around it.

Plus GPS would be insane with it.

proudly_X2692d ago

Absolutely mind-blowing

3-4-52691d ago

So basically it's Forza......awesome

Jrmy842691d ago

I agree what the future holds, so many possibilities with this technology that's if it goes mainstream. Better idea is to implement it into air crafts.

kingPoS2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

OMG! videogames have finally broke into the auto industry. Now I'll be able to supplement my driving skills with a detailed on screen hud in real life.