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RocketSkates Let You Zip Along The Sidewalk at a Top Speed of 12MPH


Let's nip your enthusiasm right in the bud: No, these motorized skates you see above aren't actually powered by rockets. Now hold on, don't close the browser tab just yet. Just launched on Kickstarter, Acton's RocketSkates do have a rather misleading name. But they're actually quite the improvement over the Spnkix, the company's previous effort at a pair of motorized skates (which, incidentally, unceremoniously crashed our podcast stage during CES 2013). Unlike the Spnkix, the RocketSkates are about six pounds lighter, have four hub motors instead of two, are 15 percent smaller and can zoom up to 12 miles per hour. Oh, and most notably, the RocketSkates don't require a remote to operate. That's right; just like regular skates, these motorized puppies can let you zip around the sidewalk completely hands-free.

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ajax172701d ago

lol, that is ridiculous

Crazay2701d ago

So ridiculous it's awesome right? I have visions of Wile E. Coyote awesomeness

Tzuno2700d ago

Do you even realize how ridiculous you look with those on your feet???

Crazay2700d ago

Yes - do you realize how much fun they'd be though?

No_Pantaloons2700d ago

No where near as cool as I thought. ROCKET skates... which are actually a pair of electric tricycles. And... $500 for the basic version that last 45 mins on a full charge, no thx.

I'll stick to my rollerblades that are cheaper, have better control, AND look good.

Gamefan122700d ago

The price needs to drop for these to take off. I can see this happening, but not at those prices.