One picture shows the iPhone’s complete evolution since 2007

One common refrain we hear from iPhone haters is that Apple has essentially gotten away with releasing the exact same smartphone every year since 2007. While this may sound clever, it’s also completely untrue: The iPhone has changed dramatically over the past seven years, as a new picture flagged by Redditor LobaltSS makes abundantly clear.

Devil-X3368d ago

IPhone is just a medium to burn a big hole in your pocket.


Apple Will Give You A Free IPhone 14, But Only If You Can Hack It

Not only will they give you an iPhone 14 Pro, they'll pay a bounty fee ranging from $5,000 to $1 million.

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iPhone 15 and Apple’s Lack of Innovation

Shaz from TL writes: “Innovation in the smartphone marketplace has been stagnant for some time. Though I’d argue Apple have been worse than others in recent years.”

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Famous ChatGPT app Petey is currently available for iPad

The famous ChatGPT application for Apple Watch, Petey, became available for iPhone a couple of months ago.

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