The forgotten losers of the console wars

History is written by the victors, but for all those generations of console wars we've managed to weather through, what about the other guys? Opening this week, a new games museum in southern Japan houses 56 different consoles of varying fame (or infamy). For every NES / Famicom, there's curiosities like the huge "Pocket Home PC", failing on the very definition of its name. Remember the Sega Game 1000? We didn't, but we should probably cut these (mostly) beige consoles some slack. While most of the devices toured here weren't a commercial success, each helped gently push gaming towards its current state -- if only by firmly demonstrating what we didn't want. And yeah, we wish the Dreamcast was still around too. Here's to the games consoles we've loved and lost over the last 40 years.

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Crazay2707d ago

Oh ya...Very few have. I remember seeing it in some of my old EGM magazines and PCWorld as well.