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Windows Tablets and Laptops Taking Prominent Role In Public Schools

Everyone knows that education has been embracing digital technologies at an ever increasing pace. Placing that technology in the hands of Students has been a challenge however. In order to make sure all students are on an equal footing, public schools have to provide said technology to each pupil. Add in the cost of the required IT infrastructure and the obvious need for a high level of security and things get very expensive, very fast.

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trioworldschool2713d ago

One of the best international school in India is Trio. This is placed in Bangalore, Karnataka. I have red about many schools in India, how they are providing education to the childrens. But, when you compare to this school, not even a single school is best. So, make your childrens to study in this school, if you want world level education.

MrOlympia742713d ago

This is certainly a good thing for Microsoft, and people are starting to realize that the iPad is nothing more than a media consumption device.

imXify2712d ago

^ this so much.

I'm waiting for a cheap tablet using Wacom tech to take notes in class next september.