Why Google I/O 2014 was a joke for Indian gamers

Sure, it’s a land of around 24 million Android devices (depending who you ask) and would grow up to 225 million if this is to be believed (a we can go by a more conservative estimate that’s a little less than half of that).

However, until a few factors rectify themselves, there’s very little chance that Mountain View can breach Indian mindset. Here’s why:

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Speed-Racer2713d ago

Indians aren't going to make money for Google in the gaming arena, at least when you weigh out the costs vs. benefits.

n1ghtw1ng2713d ago

They won't because alternate payment methods don't exist yet. Unless you count Google making money off ads of course.

Speed-Racer2713d ago

And they barely make any of Adsense for instance, so it's a dead end road until more systems get put in place and the economy improves.

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