CyberPowerPC and Newegg Tag Team $300 Quad Core System for the "Everyman"

Maximum PC: If you need a high-end gaming rig or a machine that can tear through content creation chores like a chainsaw through butter, move along, there's nothing to see here. However, if you need a general purpose system for scrolling through Facebook, firing off emails, typing up reports, and that sort of thing, keep reading. Boutique builder CyberPowerPC has teamed up with Newegg to offer the "Everyman Quad Core (EQ100)" PC for $300.

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Jrmy842601d ago

Really 1.3 GHz, I have a rig I built over clocked stable at 5.2 GHz liquid cooled. Someone said in the comments " they can run faster then the CPU speed" this day and age, you can walk faster then it:-D