How to Stop Facebook From Sharing Your Browsing History

It’s official that Facebook is using your website and app data from your browsing habits to provide more targeted ads and if you don’t like it you’ll have to opt out. In layman language Facebook is ready to share your browsing history with advertisers and its against privacy of every user who uses Facebook. Here’s how to stop them

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kingPoS2123d ago

Umm... don't use facebook then.

Speed-Racer2123d ago

You should stop using the entire Internet then. The reality is that a lot of sites track your preferences and history without letting you know up front (most times it's listed in their privacy clause).

hazelamy2123d ago

yeah, true, but it's still good advice for so many reasons.

ChrisW2123d ago

And if you're that paranoid, don't even think about using smartphones!!!

ChrisW2121d ago

Err... Okay... I have no rebuttal.

thorstein2123d ago

Does anyone use Facebook anymore?

2122d ago