Are Beats Headphones Really That Bad?

Apple recently bought Beats, the maker of the pricey headphones and a streaming music service, for $3 billion.

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Speed-Racer2229d ago

Yep. Maybe it's cause my XB500s have babied me up but I tried a number of different options at CES and they suck really bad.

3-4-52228d ago

I'd rather have a pair of Sony's that I know are made to hear the proper mix and not just TONS OF BASS.

Speed-Racer2228d ago

Just crank down the equalizer settings. You get a pretty rich sound when you dim down the bass. I like having the option of being able to vary between both.

Dasteru2228d ago

Depends if you think it is a good deal to pay around $400 for the logo on the side of a pair of $40-50 headphones.

For about $60, the Beyerdynamic DT235s have much better sound quality than the $440 Beats pros. Beats is all marketing lies. Their headphones are not used in ANY major recording studios. 95% of major recording studios use either Audio Technica ATH-M50s or Shure SRH-840/940s. The other 5% use Sennheiser HD650/800s.

plmkoh2228d ago

"Apple's own earbuds, which come included with iPhones and iPods, came in second place."

I don't know which is more insane, buying Beats or choosing to buy another pair of Apple earbuds.

Smokeeye1232228d ago

Honestly can't even tell the difference in most headphones. Spending $80 on some Audio Technica headphones was maybe the worst spending decision of my life.

howtowindowsguide2228d ago

It is not good to say some thing without testing such type of gadget.

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